A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Made solo for Min-Jam 63: Future in 72 hours

Sorry, no webGL. Ran into an Int overflow error that only occurs on web (figures).

Controls (Shown in game too)

  • WASD - pitch and roll
  • left + right arrows - yaw (alt pitch mapping for pitch on up and down)
  • p - pause (and options for mouse input and more)
  • esc - quit
  • Yeah, the colors are a bit wack (as they should be), but I figure if a colorblind person can do it, the average person can too.

The build might be very loud, just a heads up

I've put the OST on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/muse-score/krononaut

As always, non-Windows builds are not tested, so let me know if you run into any issues.

Install instructions

Download and extract (or use the awesome itch app)


Krononaut_1.0_Win64.zip 30 MB
Krononaut_1.0_Mac.app.zip 33 MB
Krononaut_1.0_Linux.zip 36 MB


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So cool! Love the aesthetic!

Thank you!


Really great game Mate! I had no bugs and it was just fun! The difficulty is there and the skill increase with time is perfect so that it doesn't reamain hard forever. I really love the art and the colors, and the cutscene at the beginning was cool.

Thanks, TK! I'm glad you liked the cutscene, I was worried it would come off poorly.